Congruency: Getting NLP

“One does evil enough when one does nothing good.”

– German Proverb

Congruence is a major concept and concern in NLP. It is a gateway into the spirit of NLP. People are congruent when their body language says the same things as their words. They are congruent when they are practicing what they preach. 

This means that a person who benefits from NLP develops a personality and perspective that is congruent with doing NLP for others. People who have improved their performance and resolved personal issues with NLP are much more believable as practitioners. They also have a better gut-level understanding and intuition in practicing NLP. This is key to achieving states that create the higher-order creative solutions characteristic of NLP mastery. It is very evident in the levels of motivation, objectivity, and resourcefulness that such NLP practitioners generate. They are not nearly so much at the mercy of their moods as most, because of their expertise in managing their states to maintain a focus on desired outcomes. 

Congruent NLP practitioners are able to generate a mature and realistic sense of commitment. When they commit to do something, it isn’t because they think they have a guarantee of success. Risk of failure does not cause them to falter, and the fantasy of a guaranteed outcome is not necessary for them to experience high levels of motivation. They generate commitment to apply themselves that is not contingent on “the universe” cooperating and giving them a boost. This means that they are not substituting metaphysical or superstitious principles for the principles of NLP expecting some kind of shortcut to success. 

Hall quotes Bandler’s phrase, “Now open your eyes and look out on the world and say inside your mind, ‘Piece of cake!’” 

This means that, by getting out of your own way and generating the proper state, you will not be intimidated by your objectives. More than that, you will experience the power of resourceful motivation. Instead, it becomes a reflex to shift into empowered states as needed. This means being able to generate and amplify resourceful states such as perseverance, curiosity, anticipation, exploration, desire, creativity, and productivity.