Determinism is at the core of NLP. Determinism is the belief that every outcome is the result of specific causal factors. An outcome is an event that happens to you, whether it is physical, mental or behavioral, internal or external. Therefor, your behavior and thought processes must follow lawful patterns, which are exposed in your language. 

Think about your words today, things you said to yourself and to others. What words and phrases do you often use, that seem to feel true to you? 

Every thought, habit, trait and reaction you express is an outcome of your neurology. If you change your neurology (reshape the puzzle pieces), you will change its outcomes. In your opinion, how do automatic thoughts affect your behavior on a day to day basis?

Just as your behavior and thoughts are the result of your neurons firing in predictable and consistent pathways, the opposite is also true. You can influence and redirect the neural pathways in your brain by exposing the subconscious patterns and consciously altering them by using language and vivid imagination. How vivid is your imagination?