Advanced Visual Squash

Build your congruence and success by resolving parts conflicts. Integrate parts that are not aligned. 

Identify the conflict, and separate the parts.

Choose an internal conflict and identify the incongruent parts. For example, if you have trouble saving money, identify the part that wants to spend liberally, and the part that is frugal.

Put well-formed sensory representations of each part in each hand.

What would each part look and sound like? How might it move or gesture? 

Develop a well-formed sense of each part. Place one part in each hand. Select which part goes into which hand based on how you feel about them.

Understand the positive intentions of each part.

Ask each part to tell you its positive intentions in this conflict. Relax and let ideas emerge. Note which seemsto to be the most important. A good way to phrase the question is: “What is the good that you desire to get from this behavior of yours?”

Share resources between the parts.

Notice what is similar between the two part’s positive intentions. Ask each part what resources it could use from the other part. Work with the parts until both have a good sense of this. Create an image of each resource. Imagine energy flowing from one hand to the other, and say, “Give a complete copy of these resources to the other part (list the resources to be copied).” Imagine an image of each resource flowing through that energy into the other part. Do all of this once for each part. Notice the changes in each part’s behavior and appearance. (This is called sub-modality mapping across.)

Develop an image of the integrated, shared resources. 

Get an image of the combined resources of the two parts. Place this image in the center between your hands. 

Turn the parts to face each other, and observe the changes that result.

Have the images in each hand turn to face each other. Turn the palms of your hands toward each other. Let your imagination modify these images to express how they are changing.

Integrate the parts by bringing your hands together

Allow your hands to come together only as fast as you can allow the integration of these parts into one special part that expresses the good intentions and resources of each. When working with a person, use this phrase as you place your hands in the same position as theirs. Then move your hands together slightly faster than they do. Invite and allow the parts to blend into and enhance the image of integration.

Enhance the integration by experiencing it fully, and bringing it into your body.

Once your hands come together, fully experience the feelings involved. Allow the image to morph as it expresses the changes in your feelings and resources. Insert the image and energy into your body by bringing your hands to your chest.