How to Work with a Pattern

This website lists over 300 NLP patterns, techniques and strategies. You cannot realistically memorize them all, and frankly, you don’t need to. When you choose a pattern to work with, go through the steps carefully and make sure you understand the process. There’s wisdom behind every procedure in Neuro Linguistic Programming. There’s logic to the way steps are organized. 

Try to uncover and understand that logic. Because it is a reference work for NLP patterns this website does not cover NLP theory, but we encourage you to grasp the “why” behind the patterns. The best way to do this is by reading the steps and imagining yourself saying them out loud to a client, and remaining in your imagination as an observer. That’s the perceptual position you want to be in as you learn what makes a pattern work.

Once you have the gestalt of that pattern, you actually own the process! Now you can work with it comfortably and with confidence without memorizing steps or scripts. You can allow yourself to experiment with a pattern, change a few things and see how it works out. You cannot harm your client if you ask them to Swish an image from bottom right to bottom left instead of the actual written instruction, so feel free to experiment and explore. In addition, you might want to record your errors and successes as a part of your work journal. NLP is ever changing, just like our world; our societies and cultures. NLP evolves all the time, and you need to make sure you’re always informed of the new developments. We can help you with that – visit the NLP College to learn more.