Accepting Life’s Inevitable Moments

This technique uses archetypes to help us come to terms with a major change or perceived threat, and to leverage that new relationship in the service of our well-being. It applies NLP processes known as spatial sorting, somatic syntax, and characterological adjectives. It uses them in relation to archetypes associated with mystery and danger.

Identify your current major transition issue.

Identify the transition issues that you are facing that this time. We will call them the “dragon.” Think about the aspects of the dragon. This can include changes in your status, relationships, environment, and so forth.

Spatially anchor the Dragon (transition issue), and place a series of archetypes around it as specified in this step.

Choose a spatial anchor for the Dragon archetype. Place the following archetypes to form a circle around the Dragon. 

a. The Innocent: 

Does not yet consciously experience the Dragon

b. The Orphan: 

Experiences the Dragon as an overwhelming threat

c. The Martyr: 

Experiences the Dragon as persecution

d. The Wanderer:

Is adverse to the Dragon, and avoids it

e. The Warrior: 

Experiences the Dragon as an adversary to engage in battle

f. The Sorcerer: 

Experiences the Dragon as powerful, but as having its own meaning and destiny, and even as a potential resource

Determine from which archetype you are experiencing the Dragon

Access an objective state (a meta state) and discover from which archetype you are experiencing your dragon. If you find it hard to accomplish, go through perceptual positions #1 to #2 and then to #3, which in essence is an objective, yet close enough to notice everything, position. 

Step into that archetype and explore its somatic syntax.

STEP into the spatial location occupied by that archetype. Explore the somatic syntax (the associated body movements and posture, gesture and voice tones, expressions and stance) of that archetype. Take your time here, it is important to work slowly. 

Move through each archetype and then step into the most appropriate one.

Work your way through each of the archetypes in this way, discovering their experience vis a vis the dragon. Once you have completed this circuit, step into the space that felt most appropriate for your relationship with your dragon. Note that this tells you what steps in transition are coming up, based on the sequence of the archetypes provided.

From the meta-position, process your experiences.

Return to your meta-position and think about your discoveries and lessons from this experience.

Over the coming days and weeks, notice any changes that you are experiencing in regard to this major transition. Post the archetypes where you can see them, with the current one marked. This will inspire your thinking about how to develop the most resourceful relationship and strategies for this chapter and your next chapter.