Reversed Effect

The human mind has rules, natural laws that govern its ways of functioning. One of the most important rules we all should get to know is The Hypnotic Law of Reversed Effect. This law simply states, that the harder you focus on performing an action, the harder it becomes to perform it well. The opposite force would be, of course: “take it easy”. For example, the harder you’ll try consciously to encourage and keep an erection (considering you’re a man, of course), the harder it becomes…not your penis, but the result you’re trying to achieve. The harder you’d try to force yourself consciously (with reason, persuasion, etc.) to sleep, you’ll just be more and more awake. Reversed effect…you give more effort but get the reversed result. 

Why is it hypnotic? 

Because it works under the surface. You try to force a logic conclusion, like “I need an erection now” or “I have to sleep now because otherwise I’d be late tomorrow morning,” and you force it on the part of your mind that understands it in reverse. The subconscious doesn’t obey straight orders; it’s not the army. You say, “I want an erection because there’s none.” and your subconscious is focusing on that fact. There’s none. Here’s the direction: no erection. 


I bet.It also works the other way around. You can formulate a suggestion according to the Hypnotic Law of Reversed Effect. However, you must use indirect suggestions to work the magic and not direct orders. 

Here are some examples:

“…and it seems to me you can concentrate on other aspects of the sexual experience while your body gathers the blood towards your penis. In fact, the more you concentrate on pleasing your partners, the HARDER IT BECOMES…”

“Now you may have the idea of being able to open your eyes while in Hypnosis, but it may seem strange and how so that the harder you try the harder it becomes, because there’s a sense of no urgency to take care of all the things you’ve left BEHIND you and above you can still imagine that crystal view…and I dare you to make that poor attempt with your eyes, since the harder you try the tougher it becomes while you’re keeping this sensation of coolness, freshness, relaxation… 

No need to rush…make the attempt, and let it rest…so you told me that the anger just builds up within you and in a split of a second it bursts out with rage and you have no control over what seems to be so trivial, your emotions, your body, your sense of wholeness and calmness…and I wonder if you can force that anger right now, if you can create it with your own command, since the harder you try the harder it becomes and seems much easier to stay calm and quiet and absorb the world instead of reacting to it…nothing much left in life if not fulfillment and happiness and that anger that you have tried to build within you and seems like it’s the hardest job in the world. 

Can’t even remember where it was the first time, however you can try and try and try and once you’re tired of trying you let it go…there’s are easier choices…”