Therapy and Interventions – Content Vs. Content Free

Another secret that would work well for you as an active practitioner is to avoid working with content as much as possible. As an NLP practitioner, your job is not to provide your client a setting in which he or she can vent out their troubles and miseries. That’s what good friends are for, and you are being paid for something completely different. 

In fact, your session can be more productive when you prevent your client from venting negative emotions. This helps you guide your client into becoming fully absorbed in the process. 

Two excellent examples of this principle are the States Chaining and the Swish patterns. You want your clients to be directed by the pattern into making the resolution that lies within the NLP pattern. With most of my clients I spend ten to fifteen minutes, and not more than 45 minutes. I do not let them dwell on the details of the issue; certainly I would not be willing to hear gossip stories, interpretations of reality, and endless amounts of sorrow. I am not a psychologist; I was educated to deal with the end result, not with what happened when they were three years old, on a rainy day in Boston. 

The best setting for a successful NLP procedure is content free. That is, without taking actual details unless you need them. Most of the patterns and method you can find in this website are content free style. Their mind knows why they’re there, and in a subconscious level all the details are being figured out as you move ahead with the process. So your control over which detail goes where and why has no meaning. 

Moreover, dwelling on details might prevent your client from actually getting results. You cannot perform the Swish pattern, for example, by indulging your client’s desire to tell you the meaning of the color blue in the negative image or the reason that his or her hand looks dim in the positive one. These details interrupt the process and allow doubt to interfere, causing a high likelihood of failure. 

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