Meta-Model Intentional Usage (Meta-Model)

Produce constructive change as efficiently as possible with the very structured questioning of this pattern. It includes presuppositions in the course of asking meta-model questions. The purpose of this very structured questioning is to help produce constructive change as efficiently as possible.

Discuss a personal problem with someone (questions included)

Ask the following questions in the specified order in the course of the discussion. Phrase the questions as you wish, in order to fit the situation and the person you are speaking with.

a. “What do you believe is the problem?”

b. “What is the cause?”

c. “How have your efforts to solve the problem failed so far?”

d. “If the problem were solved, what would be different (how would you know)?”

e. Note: At this point, we flip into a positive frame that moves into a solution state. “What do you want to change about this problem?”

f. “When will you stop it from limiting you?”

g. “How many ways do you know that you have solved the problem?”

h. “I know that you have already begun to change and see things in new ways.”

Observe changes in physiology, attitude and behavior. Note any changes that occur in the person’s life in the next days or weeks.