Motivation II

Click here for yet another NLP motivation technique.

The following strategy demonstrates how the various elements of imagination, expectation, criteria, sub-modalities and associations can be combined into a simple strategy to help people better inspire and motivate themselves to take actions which will lead them to desired outcomes.

Imagine enjoying a key achievement.

Imagine that you have achieved one of your greatest dreams in life. Imagine yourself fully enjoying it. Experience the sights, sounds, and feelings of this enjoyment.

Enhance and anchor the state as a pleasure motivation state.

Amplify the compelling and motivational aspects of this experience. Do this by adjusting sub-modalities such as brightness and size. This is a pleasure motivation state. Anchor it.

Future Pace with this state.

Carry these feelings into imagining yourself taking steps that will actually move you toward your dream outcome. Trigger your anchor for the pleasure motivation state to enhance this state.

In the coming days and weeks, notice if you find it easier to take steps toward this or other dream or desired outcomes.

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