Basic Belief Chaining

Shift a belief from a potential un-resourceful belief to a resourceful one.

Get the somatic syntax.

a. Select a limiting belief and a resourceful alternative belief. 

b. Identify steps between the two extremes of belief. 

c. Walk through each of the steps from the limiting belief state to the resourceful belief state. 

Pay attention to the changes in kinesthetic sensations and body language that you experience from step to step.

Use verbal reframes to assist with the shift.

Try several verbal reframes that help make the shift between these beliefs. Notice which ones have the most positive impact on giving you a constructive and resourceful perspective.

Attach reframes to each step.

Walk through the belief change steps, and decide which reframe is most useful at each step.

Practice the shift.

Walk through the steps several times, experiencing the kinesthetics and belie frame that you have associated with each step. 

Continue until you feel that the transition is easy and smooth.

Over the coming days and weeks, notice any increased ease you experience in flexible thinking, and any increase in your use of positive frames and resourcefulness in your beliefs about any challenges that you experience.