Motivation III

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Increase your motivation by associating intense pleasure with a desired behavior. Inducing intense pleasure is the most elegant outcome to be proven how this concept works in real life.

Select a source of intense pleasure.

Think of a food or other thing that you have an intense craving for, and that you take immense pleasure in. The stronger the compulsion you have to enjoy this indulgence, the better.

Imagine indulging in this pleasure.

Use all rep systems to imagine partaking of this indulgence. 

Amplify the sub-modalities that give it its compelling intensity. 

Refer to this as image one.

Imagine the behavior that you want to increase.

Select a behavior that you really want to increase. 

Picture yourself doing this, and form a dissociated image of this. 

We’ll call this one image two.

Complete an ecology check.

Imagine what it would be like to be highly compelled to engage in this activity. 

What kind of outcomes might occur? 

Can you think of any reasons that you would not like this? 

Adjust your image or goal behavior as needed until it makes it through your ecology check.

Put image one behind image two.

Use your imagination to place picture one (the compulsion) behind image two (the desired behavior). 

Now, picture one is hidden by picture two.

Open a hole in picture two so you can see picture one.

Allow yourself to see a little bit of picture one by opening a small hole in picture two. 

Expand the hole so that you get a good view of picture one. 

Fully enjoy the excitement that comes from this image.

Shrink the hole back down.

Cover image one by shrinking the hole, so that you see image two again.

Repeat at least three times.

Repeat steps six and seven at least three times or until you feel that you have associated compulsive excitement with the desired behavior.

Over the next few days, see if you feel better about the desired behavior, and see if it increases. If not, see if repeating this process is helpful.

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