Belief Systems Dis-Integration

Improve automatic reactions that come from multiple rep systems firing off a negative state. This technique separates the parts of a negative synesthesia pattern so that it can be addressed. Many problems come from this kind of reaction. Most people who lash out with hurtful words or violence discover that they are being controlled by impulses that cut across multiple rep systems. In this case, it is likely to include very strong non-verbal thoughts (auditory digital) that, when turned into words, become less powerful, as well as a hot rush of emotions (kinesthetic).

Select the situation and state.

Pick a situation in which you have a rapid, automatic, negative reaction of some kind. The more irrational it is, the better. Think of the most recent situation in which you rapidly experienced this negative state in a strong way.

Clarify the verbal representation at the belief level.

Notice all the thoughts that you had immediately before, during, and after the incident. Look for the thoughts that were most strongly related to the situation and your behavior. Notice how they have a part in driving the behavior. Look at the aspect of the thoughts that could best be described as beliefs. State them as beliefs. If you have trouble finding these beliefs, go to the next step and return here during the last step, and come back to this technique a few times, as well.

Identify all rep system material.

What happened in your mind during the incident? Notice what you saw, any visual representations your mind recalled or created, what you heard, any auditory material that you recalled or created, and what you felt, including any feelings that you recalled or created. Understand it fully.

Position the material according to EAC.

Place each representation in its appropriate position in your field of awareness according to eye accessing cues.

Create a more effective response.

Brainstorm until you have a more effective response. Imagine going through the situation again, but with the more effective response. Notice anything that could make that response difficult, including any ecological issues and any rep system material that you have not positioned according to eye accessing cues. As similar situations arise, notice how well you respond to them. Repeat this exercise as needed to respond effectively to the situation.

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