Memory De-Energizing

Free yourself from troubling memories. Turn them into sources of wisdom.

Choose a memory that troubles you sometimes.

Explore the sub-modalities you notice in the memory.

Use a frame as a symbol of the memory and modify.

Select a single frame from your mental movie of the memory, and use it as a symbol for the entire memory. 

Push that frame back to the distant periphery of your awareness and change it to black and white. 

Notice that there is a younger you in the image. 

Shrink it down to a small size and surround it with a frame. 

Bring the image to your left, and extract the learning.

Reach out and grasp the small image with your left hand, and bring it to your left side. Use the opposite hand and side if you tend to store your memories on the right. 

Extract all the lessons available from this memory as represented by the small image. 

You may not know what these lessons consist of, but that is okay for this pattern. Just know that you are taking wisdom from this image. 

Imagine this knowledge flowing into your personal mental library.

Put the image behind you.

Now push the image back behind you, symbolically telling your body mind that the experience is behind you, that is, in the past.

Have this process generalize.

Instruct your mind to do this with all aspects of the troubling memory. 

Enjoy happy memories and put them behind you.

Spend some time with happy memories in big, bright, full color. 

Place them to the right. 

Enjoy them, and then push them back behind you as well.

In the coming days, notice if this memory has been de-energized. 

Notice any ways that this frees your creativity and ability to enjoy life and create a more meaningful future.

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