Tag Questions

Tag questions are phrases like, “Can’t you?” that are added to the end of a statement. They help the statement bypass the conscious mind by occupying the mind with the tag question. 

Since the question elicits some transderivational searching, it also helps with the trance. 

Drug companies do something like this in their advertising in order to make the information about side effects of drugs less noticeable. 

That is an unfortunate use of a valuable tool. Here are some example statements with tag questions:

  • As you think of these successes, you can let your mind go to early memories of success, can’t you? 
  • You have memories of special things you can do, do you not? And this strong foundation of early learning and success is part of how you feel, isn’t it?
  • As you read this (hear me speaking), what are you ignoring? 
  • What sounds, sights and sensations are you not paying attention to?
  • Can you now become aware of the toes on your right foot? 
  • Were you conscious of it before I mentioned it? 
  • When you’re challenged, are you ‘going at it’ or ‘getting away’?
  • Are passive people just lazy? Or do they act within their comfort zone alone?
  • You cannot not learn, can you not?!

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