Sub-modality Overlapping

Build up weaker sub-modalities to improve creativity and problem solving as you represent things in a richer way. The brain relies on representations that it can hold in various aspects of memory that it can move and manipulate as information. Improved sub-modalities improve this aspect of intelligence. Also, you can make your speaking and writing more compelling by using your enriched awareness of sub-modalities to generate enhanced and varied sub-modality references.

Select a relatively weak modality that you would like to improve. 

Think of which of your rep systems you most favor.

Describe or imagine something, relying primarily on your favored rep system.

For example, if you are primarily visual, you might think of a nearby park in as much visual detail as possible. 

Also describe it verbally. Refer to several sub-modalities, such as color.

Switch over to the rep system you are improving.

Let’s say you want to improve your auditory rep system. In the example above, you would recall all the sounds that happen there. In the above example, you would have birds chirping, children playing, and swings squeaking. 

As with the visual mode, include sub-modalities such as loudness, pitch, and sound reflections (echo and reverberation such as that which reflects from the walls). Verbally describe all of this as well.

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