Circle Of Excellence

With this pattern, you can produce high-performance states. It helps you become more aware of the internal sensations and the behaviors that can help you produce a positive state. It also helps you perceive cues from others. The technique includes establishing an internal anchor for a state of excellence.

Choose your resourceful state.

Select a resourceful state that you wish to experience at will, such as creativity.

Choose a time to trigger the state.

Think of a time when you experienced a rich version of this state.

Create a symbol for an excellent state.

Imagine that you have a circle before you on the ground. If you prefer, you can select a specific color, symbol or other visual or auditory cue to associate with the state.

Step into this symbol and recall the memory.

STEP into the circle or symbol. Fully associate into the state and relive the experience, amplifying the state. Experience the memory from first position.

Observe internal patterns associated with the state.

Notice the patterns you produce that are associated with this state. To do this, internally focus your attention, noticing all relevant internal representations, characteristics of sub-modalities, patterns of breathing and tension, and anything else you can experience.

Amplify the state.

Amplify and enrich the state by increasing the sub-modalities in all rep systems. This includes things such as the clarity and compelling qualities of your own inner voice, as well as brightness and size of images.

Step back and break the state.

Step back out of the circle or symbol and break this state.

Test this circle of excellence that you have created, by stepping forward into it. How well do you access the state?


Repeat the first seven steps until you trigger the state easily .

Extend this work to appropriate situations.

Think of some situations that you would handle better from this state. Imagine taking your circle of excellence into these situations, using future pacing to prepare for them.