Fundamentals of NLP – Chapter 62

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Reframing: Context

Build awareness of context, and build mental flexibility and creativity. It helps you imagine “importing” a behavior, state, belief, or other aspect of yourself into various contexts. 

Identify a resourceful state.

Choose a state, behavior, belief, emotion, aspect of commitment, or any other aspect of yourself that might be helpful for building context awareness.

Ask context questions.

Ask yourself where this aspect would be useful. Where would it be an expression of your higher values or self interest?

Vividly imagine yourself expressing this aspect in a typical appropriate context.

Pick a variety of contexts at random and imagine yourself expressing this aspect in each of them. 

Imagine what results are likely to come from expressing this aspect in each context. What are the effects? 

For example, What would come from you taking a negotiating mindset and applying it in a loving relationship? If at first it seems awkward or objectionable, ask yourself how you would fold it into your other, more typical, forms of self expression as you express this aspect. For example, negotiating very skillfully, but in a fully loving way. Another example: What would it be like to use highly evolved NLP skills as a prison counselor in session with a convict?

In the next days or weeks, notice any ways that you are thinking more creatively about what aspects of yourself to express in various situations. Are you more flexible or creative? Are you more conscious of how you use yourself as a resource for outcomes in some situations?