Learn to use ambiguity for motivational and healing purposes. Milton Erickson was brilliant at using ambiguity to induce trance, and to guide the subconscious mind in its work during therapy. This technique will focus on using ambiguity to induce a light trance during TDS’s. Do not try this exercise while operating any machinery or doing anything that could be dangerous, since you may put yourself into a trance. If you are comfortable with hypnotic communication, you can try this on a partner to practice and get their feedback. You can also record your efforts and try them for yourself.

Create an ambiguous statement pertaining to stages of hypnotic communication.

Write down or verbalize statements that would guide a person through hypnotic communication for at least the following stages: Body positioning, paying attention, going inward, focusing on an issue, developing a state, going deeper into relaxation, going into trance. For example, for body positioning, here is an unambiguous statement: “Please sit with your feet on the floor, your hands in your lap, and breathe slowly.” Put more ambiguously, it could be, “As you sit there, you can untangle your legs, finding a position that your mind prefers you to experience as it guides your hands to come to rest as they find you giving even more of your weight to the chair as it suspends you there in balance… now.”

Refine it to be more hypnotic.

Practice this again, and emphasize ways of being ambiguous that will enhance the experience of relaxation and trance. Try various wordings. 

Engineer ambiguity for specific situations.

Try the same thing in a practical situation. This removes you and your agenda from causing the person to feel that there is anything to push against.

Modify what you came up with to prime the person.

Add an element or two to the communication that will prime this person to act in the manner that you prefer. Remember that priming is triggering a state that is conducive to a particular way of thinking or acting. That is different than a direct command. For example, “I know most people’s fondest memories are of the vacations they have been having with their families. They would never trade those memories for any work memories, as they treasure them.” In this case, we are not talking directly about him during our timeshare presentation. We are, however, priming our listeners regarding the many values of vacations, including family ties. Money is now less of an obstacle, especially if we have a well-orchestrated presentation with many such primes.

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