Fundamentals of NLP – Chapter 71

Fundamentals of NLP – Chapter 70

Active Dreaming

Get ideas, answers, solutions, and information through active dreaming. The power of sleep and daydreaming to enhance our creativity drive this pattern. It starts with stating a general intention and moves on to induce a specific state that keeps you in control of the process. 

Select an intention.

Come up with an intention to get an idea, answer, decision, or problem solution. Choose a very general intention. For example, if you want to solve a problem, don’t specify conditions for what qualifies as a solution.

Access an up time state while taking a walk. 

Take a ten minute walk, and focus on your peripheral vision. Focus on external sounds in order to reduce internal dialog. Foster a relaxed state, letting go of your worries for now. 

Note what comes into the foreground for you.

As you take your walk, notice what you spontaneously focus on; what your attention is automatically drawn to, in any rep system.

Take second position with each one, one at a time.

For each thing that jumps into your attention, take second position with it. That is, experience it by identifying with it. What might it be like to be that thing? Whether it’s a tree, the wind, or a rock, notice its attributes as though you could do this first hand. Explore things such as the sensation of time passing, your perspective and height, the effect of the elements on you, and so forth.

Explore the results from a meta-position.

Adopt a meta-position, in which you can observe all the information that you explored from second position with various objects you encountered. Recall your original intention for this pattern. Experience your new information, understanding, and experiences in connection with this intention. Give your subconscious mind trust and time to process tand generate novel insights.

In a few days, ask yourself if anything has changed about the topic of your intention for this pattern. Try this technique on a variety of topics once successful.