State Of Consciousness Awareness

This technique increases your awareness of your states and how they affect your perspective. This awareness is valuable in nearly every aspect of Neuro Linguistic Programming and life in general. Any effort you make to enhance your states and patterns calls on your awareness of these things in order to make the discriminations called for by the pattern.

Review today’s states.

Review your day, taking note of the major states that you have experienced so far.

Represent the states.

Draw a circle to represent each of these states. 

Inside the circle, draw a simple face, like a happy face, to represent how you felt. It can be as simple as happy and frown faces.

Annotate the states.

Rate the intensity of each state with a number from one to ten. 

Underneath, note the main internal representations and changes in physiology that you experience in this state. 

Put an asterisk (*) next to the main triggers of the states. For example, if you were treated rudely this morning, What was it that really triggered your feelings? Looking at sub-modalities, it might have 

mainly been an aspect of the person’s tone of voice. 

Remember to include meanings, not just sensory experience. Perhaps it was what the person was implying with their tone, rather than the tone itself.

See if this exercise enhances your ability to detect the changes and subtleties of your states, and how your thoughts and circumstances can trigger them.

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