Shared Resource

Improve the value of resourceful states by using various perceptual positions to experience and explore them. This technique uses a novel fourth position by invoking a felt sense of sameness between people that results from having been through the other three perceptual positions. 

We’ll draw from the principles of spatial sorting, psycho-geography, and somatic syntax. (For more on this, learn about embodied cognition.)

Select a resourceful experience and express it in body movements.

Do this exercise in pairs the first time through. 

Choose a recent experience that you found to be resourceful. 

Review it from first position (through your own eyes, etc.) 

Explore the body movements that somehow express that resourceful state.

Face your partner and begin imitating their movements.

Face your partner and do this movement pattern. 

Now, continuing in first position, imitate your partner’s body movements. 

Take on your partner’s experience and movements.

Switch positions with your partner, and go into second position, experiencing things through your partner’s eyes. 

Express your partner’s movements as though you were him or her. 

Notice any ways it changes how you experience these movements. 

Compare and contrast this with your own movements.

From the third position (outside observer), sense what makes your partner’s movements similar to and different from your own.

Facing the same directions, blend the two resource state movement patterns in a “we field.”

Go back to first position. Turn to be side by side with your partner. Make your resource movements again. Have your partner make their own version of the movements. Together, make small adjustments in your movements until you blend the two resource states through movement. What is it like to experience this shared space? We’ll call it the fourth position, or a “we field.”

Repeat with another pair, but with “we fields.”

The two of you are now to find another pair and repeat the pattern. This time, start with the movement that you created together. 

Continue to expand these joining experiences until the entire group is experiencing this fourth position.

Explore with the group what this “we field” is like. Notice in the coming days and weeks any ways that this technique has contributed to your ability to empathize, create rapport, and be intuitive.

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