Accelerate your maturation and emotional strength by drawing upon your adult resources to resolve unfinished emotional development. The value of good parenting resources, as conceptualized by NLP drives this pattern.

Create a chart of your unfulfilled childhood emotional needs and the corresponding characteristics your parents or caretakers needed in order to fulfill them appropriately.

On an imaginary blackboard or on paper, draw a line down the middle. 

On the left, list the emotional needs that were not fulfilled for you as a child. 

On the other, list the characteristics that your parents or caretakers needed in order to fulfill those needs. 

Build an ideal parent model and enhance it with any additional ideas.

Use these characteristics to build a mental model of ideal parents. 

Use all representational systems to experience these parents. 

Add anything else that you know about good parents or what you were missing. 

As you think of these perfect parents, any number of ideas may come to you. 

What would it be like to get help with homework in a really supportive way, or to be guided toward constructive behavior in a constructive way, or simply to get plenty of attention and desirable activity?

Visualize these parents expressing their parenting gifts.

Visualize these parents in action, handling situations that some parents would find challenging. See them being very successful and resourceful as parents. 

If you are working with a study group, or have friends or colleagues interested in this, discuss it with them to further enhance your model either during this pattern, or at another time for future use.

Timeline back to the day you were born. Transfer your powerful good parenting resources into your parents or caretakers.

Access your timeline and float back to the day you were born. Observe that experience as your adult self, bringing with you all the resources you have developed, including your ever-increasing understanding of good parenting. 

Allow the momentum and magic of all the resources you have brought back to imbue your parents with perfect parenting abilities. See all this resource energy flooding into this time from your future, swirling as it suddenly stops at this moment, drawn to your parents as vortices for their power. 

Even if you are not now connected to your parents, even if one or both of them were not present, create parents or caretakers for this scene.

Watch your life move forward with magically perfect parents who fulfill your needs appropriately.

Watch your life unfold forward into your timeline, but with these magically perfect parents. 

Observe how they fulfill your needs as an expression of their magical, yet human gifts. 

Re-calibrate your prior negative experiences.

Pay special attention to experiences that had been negative, and see how resourcefully your parents now deal with the situation. 

Let the positive outcomes build your positive abilities and personality characteristics as you further progress.

Follow your timeline into your present, in the state of receiving unconditional love.

Trigger your state of experiencing your parent’s new unconditional love, and tell your subconscious mind that these experiences can generalize, bringing your forward more and more rapidly, to your present time.

Integrate and Future Pace.

Continue to hold the anchor in your state of receiving unconditional love. 

Allow yourself to integrate these experiences and sensations, as your momentum carries you into future experiences. 

These future experiences show you how your expanded development will allow you to express wonderful resources for far better outcomes.

In the coming days or weeks, notice any ways that your relationships or care-taking behaviors improve, or ways that your personal boundaries become more effective.