Reprocessing Challenges

Reprocessing is a deep subject, so we really cannot cover every aspect in depth, but we do need to go over some challenges that can come up.

The most common problems that come up are these: 

1) The client does not get a reduction in the power of the source event or bad code. 

2) They do not get an increase in the power of the good code. 

3) Or they may have progressed, but ended up cycling through similar material, showing that they are not really reprocessing it and getting anywhere.

When these problems come up, these are common issues to address:

1) The client needs work which will prepare them to tolerate more advanced work. Clients who carry a painful childhood trauma or dissociation usually need this. Specialized treatment should be recommended. 

2) You need additional training or supervision.

3) The client needs a referral to a specialist

4) You need to improvise with your other NLP skills to address the issues that are challenging the reprocessing.

5) You need a breakthrough concept. This can be a better target, a better formulation of the positive and negative cognitions, or some other way to break out of your current paradigm. 

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