Give and receive support for awakening through personal growth in this dyadic (pair) exercise. Enhance your vision, mission and spirit through this support for awakening. 

With your partner in this pattern, you will bring out the best in each other by taking turns in the role of Awakener. Express your integrity and congruence to enhance the Awakener role. Align and connect with your own vision and mission as a catalyst for others to experience their vision and mission. Transcend the old-fashioned style of morality and judgment that neutralizes personal expansion. Instead, maintain your perception of the other person’s limitless possibilities and their innocence in doing the best that they knew in their past. This way, you keep the channel of communication open, inspiring them toward fresh insight, resourcefulness, and constructive personal power.

Get into Awakener and Explorer roles, and give your partner instructions.

Start out in the role of Awakener, with a partner who is in the role of Explorer. Give your Explorer partner the following instructions: Think about an unproductive “self pattern.” What is its basic structure? Notice any unproductive beliefs that are attached to this pattern, such as, “Oh, I have to put on a happy face and pretend I’m confident until the next big disappointment. This kind of success is for other people, not me.” 

Think of as many examples of this self pattern as you can. There are probably many throughout your life. Some of them may be subtle, or comprise a string of many little iterations that turned into a bigger pattern of loss, missed opportunities, or failure. 

Make sure you understand the consequences of this pattern. How has it affected your life? 

Continue with these instructions to your partner: 

What would it be like to be free of this pattern? What kind of results might you expect to see in the future? On the other hand, what does this technique do for you? Is it helping you in any way? 

Be sure to consider any “sneaky” ways that it is helping you, that is, dysfunctional ways. For example, see if it is helping you avoid any challenges, fear, or responsibility. Even consider any way that it might be helping you to manipulate other people or avoid criticism. 

Does it simply give you a feeling of having a familiar self that you really don’t need to be? 

Now have your Explorer partner share with you, the Awakener, what he or she is discovering. As the Awakener, listen from a state of respectful openness, fully accepting the Explorer.

Set up and ask the Why question.

As the Awakener say to the Explorer (still from a respectful, validating place), “You have the full support of my being to freely explore, because this expands and strengthens you and your meaning in the world. You are completely free to do what you will with this pattern. You are free to continue it, but, as the Explorer, you also ask why you would continue such a pattern.”

Get the Explorer’s reaction to the question.

Have the Explorer notice its inner reaction to the question of why. Have the Explorer share any reaction with the Awakener.

Repeat step two.

Repeat the statement and question of the Awakener to the Explorer as in step two. See what response the explorer has this time. Do this from an open-minded space that allows the Explorer to have a fresh response each time. Different aspects of your experience are likely to emerge from this, expanding your knowledge of yourself and of your potential.

Continue repeating step two.

Do step four several more times, at least three times. 

Switch roles.

Switch roles, becoming the Explorer with your partner taking the Awakener role.

In the coming days or weeks, notice some new ways that you experience this pattern, including any ways that you let go of it or innovate. See if you get any better results in life from this new perspective and resourcefulness that comes from these parts being more harmonious and able to exchange knowledge. Have a time set aside to discuss this with your partner in this exercise.