Beliefs: Dis-Identification

Gain new freedom and capacity by dis-identifying with limiting beliefs. Sometimes we over-identify with some facet of our life experiences-our beliefs, body, gender, race, etc. This is limiting in itself, but we may also over-identify with even more seriously limited aspects of ourselves. For example, we may identify with behavior or thought patterns that construct a victim, dependent, or otherwise unsuccessful self. Terror organizations are known to be very thorough in their propaganda, leading individuals into a state of over-identification with the organization’s distorted values, perspectives and beliefs. No wonder that young somnambulistic individuals are willing to strap a suicide bomb to themselves and kill innocent people only to keep their learned deformed identification in tact. This technique serves to correct over-identification.

Supporting Belief

Try this belief on for size: “You have a self that is beyond your circumstances, your familiar abilities, behaviors, creative expression, speech, strivings, and even your thoughts.”

Dis-Identify with language.

Change the frame for all the things about you, such as those in step one. Use this phrase, “I have (say the thing about you, such as “talent”), but I am not (the same thing, e.g. “talent”). Include thoughts, (“I am not my thoughts.”)

Dis-Identify through trance.

By accessing a deeply relaxed state, sense yourself as bigger than the things in step one. “If I lost (fill it in), my core self would remain.”

Alternate Self and Function

Notice how you can think about these traits of yours as being functions; a way of getting a result or making your way through the world. Notice how you have a sense of self that transcends functions.

Transcendental Identity

Tune into your sense of a greater self that exists beyond the things that you identify with. Notice how you can sense a state of pure consciousness, as you have in trance or meditation. Represent this with a word or phrase that captures the essence of that experience, or see what symbol comes to mind. The words or symbols that emerge spontaneously may be the most significant.

Amplify in Higher Self

Notice the sub-modalities of this sense of higher self and amplify them in any way that enhances it, and strengthens your connection and identification with it. Move it to the center of your existence and place your consciousness in the center of this higher self. Imagine what it’s like to live and express yourself from this sense of higher self.