Improve your ability to observe and respond to the physiological and behavioral cues of others. “Calibration” involves linking behavioral cues to internal cognitive and emotional responses. Ask your partner to think of some concept that your partner feels she or he knows and understands.

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Observe your partner’s physiology closely (as if you were Sherlock Holmes for a moment). Watch your partner’s eye movements, facial expressions, hand movements, etc.


Then ask your partner to think of something that is confusing and unclear. Once again, watch your partner’s eyes and features carefully.


Notice what is different now. Observe changes in appearance and patterns of behavior.


Now ask your partner to pick either concept and think of it again.


Observe your partner’s features. Look for changes in appearance or behavior that match the understanding or confusion states that your partner has shown you.


Guess whether your partner chose the understanding or confusion concept. Check with your partner to see if you were correct.


Ask your partner to think of other concepts that she or he understands or finds confusing, and see if you can guess which category they fall into. Confirm your guess by checking with your partner.

Explain and observe.

Explain a concept to your partner. By observing his or her features, determine whether your partner has understood the concept. See if you can determine the moment they understand your concept.