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Develop positive beliefs and resources for almost any kind of issue. Directly install the beliefs and strategies of the vital elderly models. While this is not an advanced NLP pattern, I would still recommend that you wait until gain confidence and skill in other Neuro Linguistic Programming tools, such as anchoring and moving through perceptual positions. 

Imagine your timeline.

Imagine that your past, present and future are represented by a line that goes from left to right in front of you. 

Select a physical location in front of you, that you can step onto during this pattern.

Start from your meta-position.

Look at your timeline from a meta-position (your objective or transcendent perspective, position #4). 

Be sure to have a physical spot for this position.

Step into your positive future.

Start by stepping onto your timeline where the present time is located. 

Face toward your future. 

See how your future timeline extends into the infinite future. 

Elicit a relaxed physical and mental state, and walk slowly into the future. 

Imagine that you are moving in a positive direction, in a positive state. 

Focus your mind, in positive terms (what you are going toward, rather than avoiding), on your health as something that you enhance over time in many ways. 

Add elements to this sense of your future health. Include: 

1) a sense of your influence and what you can actually control, 

2) the feeling of deserving excellent health, 

3) a positive representation in every sense modality, 

4) ideas and images of how you are of value to others and society, and how your age and experience are assets, 

5) a sense of the larger reality that led to your existence and that supports your continued existence, 

6) the visual representation of your physical posture and body language as being uplifting, balanced, and expressive.

Access past resources.

Turn to face toward your past. 

Focus your mind on all feelings and experiences of vitality and well-being that you have generated in this pattern, and slowly walk toward your past. 

Connect with many of the resources of your past, especially experiences that can remind you of your abilities and beliefs that support you in achieving your goals and in generating new positive beliefs and action. 

Notice some special people that helped you generate those resources, including your ability to appropriately trust and believe in others. 

Take the time to savor each point in your timeline where resource experiences and generation are especially noteworthy. 

Fully connect with these experiences and savor and relive them. 

You may not always remember details, but follow the good feelings that are part of this kind of experience, and they will help you access a positive state and maybe even connect you with more of the resource memories that we are focusing on.

Reframe and potentiate negative memories as appropriate.

Here’s what to do when you encounter negative memories during your walk into the past. 

If the memory holds no value in supporting your resources (but bear in mind that negative memories often do hold great value), then it’s fine to simply step around it and continue on. 

However, if you feel that there may be some value in the memory, then take the following steps:

a. Step off your timeline and onto your meta-position. 

Now you are in an objective position, insulated from the discomfort of the memory. 

b. Derive positive meaning from the experience. 

Determine what resource would have helped you derive resources from this experience. 

This can be as simple as thinking of the worst experiences that people have survived and grown from. It can be as sophisticated as giving your adult perspective to that moment so that you can discover the resources that are in that situation, and take them with you. 

Even if this is a memory of something negative that you did, pay attention to the fact that your feelings about it are a link to your higher values. This is an opportunity for you to become fully aligned with these higher values. 

c. See how the negative experience has contributed to positive experiences. 

This may have happened because it served as some kind of warning, or made you tougher or more sensitive and aware. Remember to analyze this in terms of logical levels (see appendix) to uncover the dynamics that you might otherwise miss.

d. Think about the positive underlying motivations that have been a part of the negative event. 

Even if a person behaved badly, notice positive intentions or drives that you can draw upon and redirect positively in future situations.

e. Find the humor in the situation. Humor tends to come from getting an unexpected shift in perspective. 

Surprise and variety are human needs. This will help you cultivate your sense of humor and ability to innovate. 

f. Once you have found one or more effective reframes, step back into the timeline and negative experience. 

Now imagine re-experiencing it from your expanded perspective.

g. At the beginning of this step, you thought of at least one resource from your life that would have helped with this experience. 

Recall the time in your life in which you were most connected with this kind of resource. 

Find that spot on your timeline, and step into that spot. 

Associate into that resource experience. 

As you fully experience the associated resource state, experience it as an energy and see what color it manifests as. 

How does it vibrate? 

What other sub-modalities do you notice in any sense mode? 

How does it feel to run through your body as a healing energy?

h. Beam that energy down your timeline into the negative experience, and maintain that beam of energy until you notice a positive change in that experience. 

See what resources are liberated by this energy. 

Continue until you reach the earliest supportive memory.

Create a resource vortex.

Turn to face your future again. 

Slowly walk toward the future, and relive your supportive and resourceful memories. 

Collect them, taking them with you into your future. 

Cultivate the sense of all these supportive people and resourceful situations being with you now. 

Amplify the state of resourcefulness. 

Step around any negative memories as you go. They do not detract in any way from your positive memories.

Connect your resources with your future goal as you experience it.

Listen to a song that captures the sense of your resourceful state and supportive memories, as well as your health and vitality. 

Get into the spirit of that song as you proceed into your future.

Continue until you arrive at your future goal on your timeline. 

Experience all of the resources that you have brought with you as well as your goal and the optimal state for attaining your goal. 

Integrate these sensory representations into a single, positive experience. 

Notice and fully feel the connection between this future and all the people and resources of your past that are connected to it in some way. 

Experience the congruent connection between all of your life events and your vital, healthy future.

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